Thursday, April 24, 2014

Harper SenateHarper has constitutional responsibility to fill any vacant seats in the Senate, but his choices are very questionable. The 3 senators are fresh off the campaign trail, where all three were defeated.

Those 3 Conservative candidates LOST in the election so they don’t have seats in the lower house, and Stephen Harper appoints them to the Senate ? Is this democracy, where when you lose to other candidates, you still have more power than them ?

His credibility on Senate reform has sunk rock bottom. He basically made Parliament less representative of the will of the people, and shows us all that he holds our opinions in low regard.

Is this what PM’s do when they win an election, stuff the Senate with their best friends, and forget about the promise for Senate Reform ?

Is this what happens when a Conservative loses an election, you lose but you still get in the Senate ?

It’s hypocritical on Harper’s part and it’s not what Conservative supporters voted for, when they gave Harper his majority.

Harper should reform the Senate or start the process of scrapping it.

Using it as a daycare centre for aging Tories is a disgrace.

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The revised 2011 budget that the government will present next month will not show a surplus by 2014-15 as promised in black and white in the Conservative campaign platform, even though the government insists it still intends to deliver on the election promise.

Some of the Canadian government’s budget optimism comes from a plan to examine public sector spending and trim away the fat. Flaherty said that the government plans to undertake a “strategic and operating review” that is expected to save $4 billion annually, without any serious cutbacks.

Even if, in the end, they do balance the books a year early, by not adhering to their campaign promise, the Tories are ignoring one of the cardinal rules in politics: do what you say you’ll do.

Earlier Wednesday, Flaherty had told the Council of the Americas in Washington that his budget would be re-introduced in Parliament and that the country’s books could be back in the black within three to four years.

Still, Flaherty said that taxes would not go up this year, despite the aggressive push to eliminate the deficit.

“We have no intention of raising taxes. Our intention is to continue to lower the tax burden on Canadians and stimulate the private sector, which after all, is the engine of the economy”.

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